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Becoming Intimate With The Holy Spirit

We have to create the time for the Holy Spirit to impregnate us with dreams, visions, witty ideas, purpose and a plan to bring them to life.Once we have become pregnant, birthing them is the goal. As many of us know, in order to have a healthy pregnancy and birth, there are certain things we have to do. We have to eat right. Eating spiritual fruit like the holy word and natural foods promote good spiritual and natural health.Doing monthly check up and ultrasounds, ensure the baby (dream, vision, ideas, purpose) has a healthy heartbeat and it's growing daily, weekly and monthly.We may need to see and/or invest in a specialist. I remember when I was pregnant with my third...

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Did You Answer The Call?

The more I understand God called me for such... a time as this, the more my life makes sense.  How many times has someone called you and you didn't answer because you didn't feel like it?  When their name popped up on the call I.D, you immediately said "they don't want anything.  I'll call them back later."       Too often we miss the call because we don't feel like answering.  Even when God is blowing up our phone, we turn a blind eye and act as if the phone is on silent.  Then we have the audacity to try to convince Him, "Dang Lord, I didn't see I missed your call".  In my Grandmothers words " God got the record".   Our calling is our...

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