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Becoming Intimate With The Holy Spirit

We have to create the time for the Holy Spirit to impregnate us with dreams, visions, witty ideas, purpose and a plan to bring them to life.

Once we have become pregnant, birthing them is the goal. As many of us know, in order to have a healthy pregnancy and birth, there are certain things we have to do. We have to eat right. Eating spiritual fruit like the holy word and natural foods promote good spiritual and natural health.

Doing monthly check up and ultrasounds, ensure the baby (dream, vision, ideas, purpose) has a healthy heartbeat and it's growing daily, weekly and monthly.

We may need to see and/or invest in a specialist. I remember when I was pregnant with my third child, he wasn't gaining enough weight. As a result, I had to go to a special doctor to monitor his growth rate. While that was frightful news to receive, I prayed and asked God what to do. I was led to eating avocados every day. Within weeks, his growth picked up where I no longer needed to see the specialist. When bringing forth a vision, a specialist may provide awareness, advise and counsel. However, only the Holy Spirit can bring solutions straight from Heaven.

However, it is hard for these things to happen if you are not spending intimate time with God and the Holy Spirit. Many of us are walking around with overdue babies waiting to be birthed. I remember 2 weeks after having my first baby, his doctor said he could tell he was at least a week overdue because of how his skin looked. So on today, I challenge you to become curious enough know how your overdue baby looks.