(Ance & Oily Skin Solution) Turmeric & Black Activated Charcoal

(Ance & Oily Skin Solution) Turmeric & Black Activated Charcoal

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Perfect for soothing skin, ridding the body of unwanted odors, balancing skin tone, and extracting toxins from the body. 

Excellent for trouble skin, oily skin, eczema & skin issues.  

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Infused with Turmeric Essential Oil, Snowy Mountain Chrysanthemums, and Black Activated Charcoal.

Snowy Mountain Chrysanthemums Herbs corrects blood issues.  Its serves for detoxification purpose.  Corrects blood lips, blood pressure, blood sugar, blood circulation is and corrects issues of the spleen.  The soap lathers very richly.  


Increase Antioxidant property.


Reduce free radicals

Assist in eliminating acne and blemishes. 

Soothing to the skin.

Traditionally Indian brides would use Turmeric and honey to create face masks prior to the wedding day.  This was for the purpose of creating a beautiful glow, promoting smooth skin and healthy skin. 

Aroma: Spicy

Ingredients: Water, Saponified Oils, Turmeric Essential Oil, Black Activated Charcoal, Unrefined Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide.