Handcrafted Herbal Anointed Chamomile Soap

Handcrafted Herbal Anointed Chamomile Soap

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According to many of the users of this soap, they can feel the anointing of God when using Chamomile.  

We soak our chamomile flowers in natural oils for an extended period of time before adding them to the batch of soap.  This process plays a major role in creating a luxurious naturally yellow soap. 

Additionally, many of our customers rave over the anointing of God they feel while using Chamomile.  This beautifully crafted bar of soap is truly a heavenly experience. 

Made with: Water, Saponified Oils, Unrefined Shea Butter, Sodium Hydroxide, Mixed Herbs, Annatto Seeds, Essential Oils, Fragrant Oils. 

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