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Handcrafted Herbal Lemongrass Soap

Handcrafted Herbal Lemongrass Soap

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*Best Seller*

Lemongrass is a best seller due to it's strong, yet citrus-sweet aroma.  Many customers have claimed to use our Lemongrass Soap in the place of a loofah due to its extra exfoliating purposes. 


• Gentle exfoliating 

• Invigorating 

• Soothing 

• Great lather 

• Promotes smooth skin

• Assist in Removing dry skin 

Made with: Saponified Oils, Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Unrefined Shea Butter, Green Clay, Essential Oils, Lemongrass Herbs. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Organic Soaps

This soap leaves my skin clean feels like it’s breathing again and silky soft

10/10 for my sensitive skin

I used this soap for a week and got great results now I have to keep rebuying. I originally bought it to help with the acne I kept getting on my shoulders. That acne is nonexistent now and I started using it on my face and it’s clearing bumps dark spots and leaving my skin clean clear and soft.


This soap is buy far my favorite with the Herbal Orange and Jasmine being close second! The smell and clean feeling afterwards is always refreshing. It's also great because my adolescent boys love it as well. Such a great alternative to the over-the-counter, full of stuff soaps. I'm so happy the products are just a click away and receiving the package feels like Christmas Day each time. Customer for life!

I Highly recommend all of her products.

I have been in search for years for real organic-based soaps, body butter, and body scrubs due to my sensitive skin. Most moisturizers soaps and lotions contain harmful chemicals that cause dryness and irritation. I was extremely ecstatic when I started using Diary Of Queen Esther organically made soaps, body butter, and body scrubs! I have been hooked since day one! Her products not only leave my skin feeling soft, but my skin also stays hydrated throughout the entire day without any dryness or irritation. One of my favorite soaps love to purchase is the Lemongrass! This soap exfoliates and leaves my skin soft and I love the lemongrass smell! Her body butters come in 3 scents Lemongrass, Mango, and Pineapple. You only need a little bit to keep your skin moisturized throughout the day! Her body scrubs are the bomb! There is no need to moisturize after you get out of the shower because her body scrub completes the process for you! I highly recommend all of her products because they are Organically made with real organic ingredients and keeps your skin moisturized!

Love it!

My goodness, this soap is amazing. Its truly cleans my skin. I like to use the Herbal Lemongrass soap to remove makeup from my face and it just melts off. It doesn't leave my skin dry or irritated. I love it!