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Stay Within Reach Of You're Inspiration.

So, the last few weeks, I literally felt completely out of sorts.  Do you ever feel bombarded with like 50 different emotions all at once? So, it's not like you can place your finger on one emotion, because there are more emotions than you have fingers. 

Up until today, that was me.  Although I was pushing through each day, I knew I was not myself. Today was supposed to be another day just like the rest. Check my schedule. Go through each task. Take a break, maybe two. Blah, Blah Blah, so forth. 

However, after checking Instagram, because you know, I had to see the latest news; I was reminded Sheen Magazines’ latest issues hit the stands on Tuesday.  Janell Stephens, owner of Camille Rose is on the cover rocking none other than Diary Of Queen Esther's Lime Green Angel Maxi Dress. 

Instantly fueled with much inspiration, I ran out of the house on a search to obtain my personal copy of the latest Sheen Mag.   

While on pursuit, I stopped at Ulta to pick up a new compact of face powder. “Stay Brandy” by Clique is my favorite.  I then walked down a few stores to the bank.  The feeling of depositing checks never gets old.  Trust me. Instant inspiration is an understatement.

Before getting back into my car, I ran over to Marshall, which is right across the walkway.  Straight to the essential oil aisle, I headed. 

While Rosemary Essential Oil was all I needed before I knew it, I was standing at the check out with loads of essential oils, natural toothpaste, an inspirational journal and a sense of relief.

It had been too long since I took time for myself to do what I wanted to do.  No rushing or being consumed with a list or task.  I was so caught up in this new sense of relief, I completely forgot to pull the earphones from my ears.  It wasn't until I looked up and saw the sales clerk lips moving.   "Mama" by Wizkid and Tekno, was all I could hear.  Dance moves I would try in the middle of my bedroom floor, was all I could think of.   

Instantly it dawned on me how rude I was being.  Immediately I snatched my earphones from my ears and apologized.  She laughed and said, “It’s okay.  You're enjoying life".  I smiled at her and said, "I am".  I guess inspiration looked good on me. 

Staying inspired is necessary.  But how can I stay inspired if I'm not creating time to become intimate with the things that inspire me?  Essential oils, shopping, writing, music, reading, beautiful scenery, tea time and love are just eight of the things that keep me inspired.  I always must stay within reach of those things.   

Today, I challenge you to identify the things that inspire you.  Additionally, create the time to become intimate with you're inspirations on a regular basis.