Exclusive Style/Shopping Appointment
Exclusive Style/Shopping Appointment

Exclusive Style/Shopping Appointment

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Welcome To Our Exclusive Shopping Experience.

DOQE is Beauty Boutique that specializes in offering our Luxurious Handcrafted Herbal Soaps, Whipped Shea Butters and Crafted Spa-Inspired Skincare.

Additionally, according to our customers, our Dope, Regal and Quality Women's Fashion Items have been known to take on a life of their own. ”I feel different when I wear DOQE”, is the normal response. It's no secret that we pray God's blessings and anointing over our fashion items and body care.

As our brand continues to grow I want to extend to you our Exclusive Shopping Experience.

What you'll get:

  • A one-on-one 30-minute Discovery Session. Book HERE. This will allow me to understand how I can best assist you. This can be scheduled through online via Zoom or in person at our Cleveland Showroom Location.  
  • V.I.P access to items before they hit the website.
  • Onsite one-on-one style coaching/consulting.

This is a program that's been on my heart for sometime. Connecting to the heart and needs of each client is key. Creating a shopping experience that's tailored around you feeling comfortable, acknowledged and confident, while achieving your style goals is #GOALS is what I aspire to do!

This personal shopping experience will give you access to some of our fashion items before they are available on our website.  As you know, DOQE doesn't order in heavy bulk. As a result, it's best to purchase items you see while it's available. Once it sells out, it's GONE!!!

If you are a first time customer, this appointment will include the 30-minute Discovery Session.  As an Inspirational Stylist, I work with each client from the inside out.  This allows me to tie in their AUTHENTIC personality to their image.  This is key to helping you become your best self.    

     Schedule your appointment with me today!